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For a New Wave of Luxury Travelers, Experience Matters

The Maldives, Paris, Dubai, Mallorca, Tuscany… Some, if not all of these are likely on most people’s list of dream holiday destinations. But for the discerning traveler who’s journeyed around the world and back for both business and pleasure, these places – and many like them – have lost their appeal, offering the same “humdrum” beach-front views or ski-slope activities. When it comes to luxury holidays, high net-worth individuals (HNWI) have done it all and seen it all. To them, a 10-day Southeast Asian diving expedition is no longer exotic

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Want to Buy a Vintage Rolex? Follow These Simple Steps Before Taking the Plunge

  If you followed the link to this article, you’ve probably reached a point in your heightening interest in horology where you’re nurturing a new-found respect for that watch wunderkind, Rolex. The Swiss watchmaker has for more than a century thrived in a rare triple role of commercial hit, collector’s favourite and industry innovator – all without the added frills of, say, a tourbillon or perpetual calendar. What fans ultimately appreciate about Rolex is the strength in its designs and durability of its watches. If you count yourself a steadfast

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